TMRW SG | Blog | 4 Artists That Inspire Creatives

4 ARTISTS THAT INSPIRE CREATIVES You know those artists who produce astounding, jaw-dropping work? And not just what they create but how they create it?
These are the individuals who redefine creativity and push it to the very limit. Find out which artists inspire four millennials as creatives and why.


For me, it’s actor, singer-songwriter, playwright, and film director Lin-Manuel Miranda. Whether it’s a Disney song from Moana or Broadway shows like Hamilton, his word choice is always on point. His ability to draw from multiple artforms and cultural touchstones is awe-inspiring, and offers a deep dive into marginalised communities and cultures.


My man, film director, producer, and screenwriter Richard Linklater. I love the way his dialogue flows seamlessly and naturally but still very purposefully. There is a clear progression in his films, like a rhythm almost, but no clear narrative structure. It’s just vibes and makes me feel nice which is exactly the kind of writing I find myself gravitating towards. Also, he looks a little like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo which is strangely comforting.


Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift! 14-year-old me adored her then, and still do today. Beyond just a pretty face creating groundbreaking music, she is smart, influential, eloquent, and is the youngest artist to ever win album of the year at the Grammy Award to boot! Also, her lyrics and songwriting skills? Enough said.


I’ve recently been very into record producer, dancer, video director and actress FKA Twigs. The way she uses her voice and how she produces her own music is her testament to her creativity. While her artform has nothing to do with my craft, her latest album is a wonderful journey of harmonics and experimental beats, and I take inspiration from how she’s constantly reinventing herself track by track in pursuit of her craft and her self-confidence through her art.

Vondra Tay