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The Best Parts About Working Remotely From New York Blurb: Working remotely is one thing, but working remotely from New York is a whole other ball game. Take the usual benefits of working from home and just multiply it by a thousand — that’s exactly what I got in the Big Apple.

So if you haven’t heard yet, I was given the fabulous opportunity to not only work remotely but to work from New York! It is definitely a whole different experience compared to working from home on Wednesdays — but one that I absolutely relish. Other than struggling with the time difference and making sure that work goes out on time (sometimes while I’m asleep) — there is an abundance of positives that come with working from across the Pacific Ocean. So here they are!

  1. Flexibility

    As I am operating in a completely different time zone, my work schedule is completely up to me. No longer am I bound by the 9-to-5 office hours which allows me to work whenever I need to. Between seeing the sights and embracing the unique culture of New York City, I have to carve out time (if not days) to meet my deadlines. But the best part? I can work anytime, anywhere — even from Central Park if I want.

  2. Efficiency

    How I spend my time working is completely different as well. The more time I spend on work, the less I have to explore Manhattan — which makes every second I spend working count. I realise that to maximise my time here, I simply have to work efficiently which works out for everyone in the arrangement (especially the suits).

  3. No Time Wasted

    You never realise how much time is spent getting ready for work in the mornings. From the showers and make-up routine to the commute where you fend off aunties for that coveted MRT seat — it’s time-consuming, to say the least. But when you’re working from home (or your bed), that time can now be utilised to complete tasks and whatever else that is thrown at you.

  4. A Healthier Work-Life Balance

    As aforementioned, working remotely opens up a world of possibilities (and free time). Instead of fighting off the rush hour or considering clothing options, this time can be used for other things instead. There are groceries to be bought and errands to run — but all these responsibilities can be attended to without compromising on work or your personal life. And all that extra time means more time to spend in the city!

  5. A Comfortable Workspace

    And my favourite part of it all — working from the comfort of my home. So what if I am in the biggest shirt that has ever existed, or if I want to sit cross-legged on the floor? No one is there to watch me while I work. I can lounge on my bed during breaks, blast music at the highest volume — and not a single soul can judge the way I function.

    While there are some nights that I have to attend meetings at 12:30 AM or the days when I’m stuck at home finishing up work — the benefits of working remotely definitely outweigh the cost. And come on, it’s New York City. How can anything bad happen in the best city in the world?

Joyce Ng