Dunkin’ DOnuts



To execute Dunkin’ Donuts Singapore’s 1-day-only $1 donut promotion on 3 April 2018.


the IDEA

Leveraging on the promotion’s proximity to 1 April, we created Dunkin’ Donuts Singapore’s first-ever April Fools’ campaign — teasing the launch of an overpriced gourmet donut range. The reveal of the outrageous price led into our Celebrate Classic promotion, and Dunkin’ Donuts Singapore’s best day of sales in it’s 9-year history.

Phase 1: Teaser

Online Video

Announced the new face of gourmet — Dunkin’ Donuts Deluxe.

April Fools’ Lead Up

Showcased our artisanal confections and patissier.

Phase 2: Revival

Launch Video

On April Fools’ Day announced the cancellation of Dunkin’ Donuts Deluxe and the upcoming Celebrate Classic promotion.

Phase 3: Celebrate Classic Campaign

Social Media Posts

We reminded fans of the up-coming promotion. On the day itself, live updates of each outlet’s availability were broadcasted, after our initial run sold out in 3 hours.