Amplify the connected features of the new Breitling Exospace B55 in ways that people connect with each other.

the IDEA

Create a multi-stage #MissionB55 that lets people get up close to the Breitling spirit of aviation.

Stage 1:
The First Encounter

This microsite served as the launchpad for the new Breitling Exospace B55, giving participants from different countries a chance to win a trip to the #MissionB55 Encounter.

Stage 2:
The Eagle Has Landed

A crew of Breitling Airmen and flight captains took to the CBD and Orchard Road, issuing passers-by with boarding passes to discover the Breitling Exospace B55.

Stage 3:
The #MissionB55 Encounter

Hosted by media personality, Randall Tan at the Breitling Singapore boutique, the launch party was attended by music celebrity, Dick Lee, #MissionB55 Encounter winners and Breitling VIPs.

New levels of thrills for the new-generation connected chronograph.
Stage 4:
Follow The Breitling Airman

An @exospaceb55 account fronted by a Breitling Airman was created to offer Instagrammers a glimpse into #MissionB55 adventures.

The excitement doesn’t end at touchdown but continues long after the takeoff.