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(Photo by Greta Hoffman)


Confessions of a Social Media AddictI spend an average of 5 hours on social media everyday! That's like living 76 days a year online and I'm loving every minute of it!

“You’re just wasting your life!”

A common sentiment thrown at me.

Little do they know, my time on social media has been far from wasted. It's become a treasure trove of life skills that has saved me both time and money, earned me likes, and provided opportunities to create content for diverse industries.

On a personal level

Here are some of the fun skills I've picked up:
  • Beauty skills: From trendy nail art to essential hairdressing, I've become the go-to for my sisters' beauty needs—which is rewarding beyond measure.
  • Cooking & Baking skills: I’ve also unlocked countless new recipes each month.
  • Crafting skills: Whether it's accessories or clothes, I've learned to craft items that match my personality.

On a professional level

I take advantage of the dynamic social media landscape to follow, and even anticipate, trends to engage audiences for the brands I work on. From testing trends on my personal platforms to applying successful strategies at work, I've proven that even low-budget productions can deliver high engagement.

The constant exposure to endless visuals and narratives has honed my storytelling skills and inspired my creativity. Beyond surface-level aesthetics, I have learnt to analyse engagements to better connect with audiences on a deeper level.

Here are some good habits in “socialising” that I try to follow:

The 3-second rule: You've got to hook your audience within the first 3 seconds, or they’ll scroll away faster than you can say "like".

Storytelling: Don't just list features, tell stories! Paint a picture of real-life situations that your audience can relate to and remember.

Trial & Error: Try different things, see what sticks, and keep evolving.

Listen to your Audience: Pay attention to what your followers like, share and comment on. They're the ones who'll tell you what they want more of.

Stay True: Consistency is key. Stick to your brand's vibe so your audience knows who the post is from, even if they're just scrolling by.

Next time someone says you're wasting your life on social media, just smile. It's more than scrolling—it's about learning, finding inspiration, and connecting. And if your brand is missing out on the power of "socialising," reach out!

Chubs Poh