TMRW SG | Blog | Artificial Intelligence or Artificially Intelligent?

(Photo credit: Markus Winkle)


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE OR ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIGENT? Artificial intelligence (AI) may be a powerful tool, but can it ever truly replicate the ingenuity of human creativity and judgement? And more importantly, will we still have a job five years from now?

In the era of technological advancements, the rise of AI has not only captivated our imagination, but has also become an increasingly complicated and interconnected part of our lives. From self-driving cars to voice-activated virtual assistants, AI has undoubtedly revolutionised various aspects of our lives. But hold on tight, let’s explore why AI will never be able to swipe our jobs and how humans still reign supreme in the realm of creativity.

It is a Tool, Not a Replacement

You know the saying, “It’s a poor craftsman that blames his tools”. Well, the same applies here. AI, my friends, is just a tool in the hands of talented humans. Instead of being adversaries, AI and humans can make an unbeatable duo. With AI's knack for processing mammoth amounts of data, we humans can focus on the complex and creative stuff. Take it from me, a copywriter – AI can help with grammar and spell checks, but it's our human touch that adds that oomph and originality to our words.

The Art of Being Human

Let’s be real: AI algorithms may be great at identifying patterns, but they struggle to grasp the subtleties of human emotions, imagination, and intuition. And that is where our creative genius shines through, keeping us gainfully employed. Whether we're composing symphonies, writing novels, or painting masterpieces, it's our ability to infuse art with our personal experiences and emotions that sets us apart.

As George R.R. Martin wisely said, "A computer is like a car. If you write like a robot, you only get a robot story." Humans: 1, AI: 0 — Take that, Mr. Roboto!

The Limitations of AI

Now, the moment of truth. AI has come a long way, but it still has its limits. AI systems heavily rely on the data they're trained on, which means they're prone to biases and inaccuracies. Plus, they lack something many humans take for granted: common sense reasoning.

That's right, AI can't tell you why a chicken crosses the road or understand a good knock-knock joke. Empathy and ethical judgement? Well, those are skills AI can't quite wrap its digital brain around. So, while AI can crunch numbers like nobody's business, it falls short of comprehending the beautiful complexities of human existence.

As we continue to navigate this AI-driven world, let's remember that while AI can automate tasks and process data, it can never replace the boundless creativity and ingenuity of human beings.

After all, our love for storytelling is rooted in the authentic human experience, and no algorithm can replicate that. So, fear not! Our jobs are safe... for now, and our talents will continue to advance humanity with originality and breakthroughs.

Vondra Tay