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EVERYONE WINS WHEN EVERYONE’S CREATIVE Creativity isn’t just for artists, performers, and advertisers. It can be found in even the most mundane tasks and the most unexpected places, from award-winning work to finding ways to lower overhead office expenses. Here we look into why creativity matters in every field, and how to apply it.

What does it mean to be creative? When we hear the word, artists, writers, performers, and the like immediately come to mind.

Groundbreaking music wins Grammys. Movie stars are immortalised in cinema. And as we all know, out-of-the-box campaigns win advertising awards.

But creativity isn’t just limited to artistic expression.

A quick scroll on TikTok or Instagram will show you that everyone can be creative. From dentists to IT professionals and HR managers. Name any topic, and there’s a whole thread of content on it.

That’s because creativity can also come in making unique decisions, solving a problem, or innovating the way we do things. So how do you tap into it?


First, forget the notion that it’s limited to a special few.

Data analysts use creativity in developing new codes to gather data faster. Salespeople need to think on their feet to close deals before customers walk away. HR managers constantly come up with unique solutions to retain good talent. Administrators create systems to keep offices running smoothly.

Whoever you are, as long as there’s a problem to solve or a need to be addressed, there’s an opportunity for creativity.


Keep the wheels of your brain turning. Right now, think about one thing you can do in a day to improve your way of doing things. Then try it tomorrow.

Or think about a problem at home. Maybe you want to spend less money on take-out or food waste? Get creative in the kitchen ー in how you store your food, in the dishes you prepare.

You’d be surprised at how often you can be creative in your day-to-day life.


Watch a new movie. Listen to a different genre. Get off your phone and take a walk. Trying something different is a great way to find inspiration. So explore things. Especially your curiosity!

The good news is that creativity, even in the most seemingly mundane tasks, can always benefit businesses and organisations. And leaders can show support for employee creativity by listening to ideas and rewarding progress or success.

By encouraging creativity in everyone, you might find some of the freshest ideas and the best solutions from the most unexpected places.

Therese Liboro