TMRW SG | Blog | Some Weird Ways To Get Idea

SOME WEIRD WAYS TO GET IDEAS In a world where everything, and I mean everything, has been done to death, it is always hard to come up with fresh ideas and perspectives. Here’s a look at how our creative team finds inspiration in the oddest ways and their unique creative process.


For some reason, I look at a lot of cheesy Tumblr quotes from 2012. Something about looking at bad quotes really inspires me to write better ones. Most of the time I just wait for an idea to hit me but my general rule is if it comes, it comes, if it doesn’t, then I suffer.


Go on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook! There is a never-ending flow of fresh content being generated daily (#jobhazard) and sometimes the best way to get ideas is simply just by lying in bed and scrolling through these social media platforms. You never know when that Eureka moment will hit you.


I take long walks with a movie soundtrack playing in my ears. Thoughts that emerge from this lead me to new ideas.


Looking at memes! Getting a good chuckle is a good way to start ideating!


Wordplay and word associations work best for me. Rhymes and puns are intrinsically fun, and usually add a certain zest to any idea. Twisting idioms and conventional phrases can serve to convey a lot of meaning succinctly, helping you view any product or campaign through a different lens.

Joyce Ng