The Challenge

With over 80% of Singapore’s population living in HDB flats, most locals are used to the idea of hanging laundry out to dry. And why not? Even the flats come built with bamboo pole holders.

The majority of Singaporeans don’t see the need for dryers, with over 50% viewing the product as non-essential. Out of every ten households in 2017/18, more than nine owned a washing machine, but only about two had a clothes dryer in their homes. But that wasn’t even the most challenging issue we faced. Our key competitor was, is and always will be FREE — the sun.

The Idea

Our campaign highlighted the sun’s many deficiencies — its unreliability, temperamental nature, unavailability, unpredictability and “laziness” — to our benefit.

The Strategy

Through each downside of the sun, we positioned the Samsung Heatpump Dryer with its upside and the simple takeaway: Better than the sun. The campaign launch coincided with the rainy Monsoon Season (December to early March), which we used to great effect for tactical sustenance.

Launch Campaign

The launch campaign comprised only a single brand spot, a re-skinned website page, multiple social media posts, and one very wet prize. YouTube was the key channel for awareness with Facebook playing a supporting role.

Website + Digital + Social

To ensure a consistent message was told, and yet remain compliant with global guidelines, we re-skinned a fold of the product page to weave in the message. Social media ran a series of posts denouncing the sun whilst unequivocally stating our superiority.

Web Banners

The brand spot was cut down to individual spots highlighting the dryer’s relevant benefits driving traffic to the website to find out more. 


The rainy season provided an opportunity to upsell the dryer’s benefits while also delivering a cheeky dig at the sun. Plus, we ran a dark ad during the entire rainy season that promised a sunny offer.

Lucky Draw

To further emphasise the weakness of the sun, our lucky draw prize was to one of the wettest places on Earth: Maui. Social media platforms were used to push this message to targeted audiences.


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