The Challenge

Circuit breaker measures (7 Apr – 1 Jun) were introduced to restrict social activities like shopping and dining as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) traditionally held from Jun – Aug, got cancelled in response to government laws but in a surprising twist GSS was brought back as a pure e-commerce play.

The Idea

Pivoting towards the new way of shopping as a result of the pandemic, we conceptualised and developed the first-ever eGSS Shop. Win. Experience. to make online shopping exciting, engaging and interactive. Bringing Singaporeans the joys of retail therapy at the convenience of their fingertips.

The Strategy

To create a seamless shopping experience for the first-ever eGSS by building an integrated campaign around the GoSpree App — servingas a one-stop platform for local and international customers to access F&B Operators, Hoteliers, Attractions, Operators and much more.

The Execution

As the first-ever eGSS, we provided consumers with a variety of engagements ranging from an in-app game to interactive eCatalogues to ensure an exciting and fresh experience at every touchpoint.

Influencer Livestream

Throughout four editions, over four weeks, we invited users to jump online and connect with their favourite celebrities to win prizes, vouchers and more through games and contests.

Thematic GDN Banner

This served as an interactive overview of all the awesome deals brought to life at eGSS — with links driving users to the GoSpree App and more.


Boasting various editions that provided thematic deals and merchandise to consumers to scroll through, the GoSpree site was designed to ensure everyone could enjoy the eGSS.


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